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Chicken Tostadas BBQ Tasty Recipe

Chicken Tostadas BBQ

Chicken Tostadas BBQ

There’s nothing superior to transforming a rotisserie chicken into epic weeknight dinners and these BBQ chicken tostadas is the means by which you exhibit who’s the manager around the kitchen.

For the most part, since they are excessively easy to make, much the same as different plans inside the Taco Tuesday Cookbook, you’re going to cherish this 10min feast. Look at it.


Tostadas are the crunchy, level form of delicate corn tortillas or the level variant of a firm taco. Its round surface makes them immaculate to stack with garnishes and they are one nourishment you totally need in your life.

Customarily tostadas are topped with beans, ground hamburger or another sort of meat, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheddar yet today, we’re accomplishing something somewhat exceptional.

Rather than the first fixings, this tostada formula is stacked with destroyed BBQ chicken, destroyed Monterrey Jack cheddar, and completed off with acrid cream. The flavor and surface combo is awesome and complete accomplishment with my children.


Chicken Tostadas BBQ1

While seared corn tortillas aren’t as low in fat as delicate tortillas, tostadas are as yet a magnificent thought for supper time. You can incorporate any of your preferred taco segments like flame broiled meat, new veggies, cheddar, salsa-it’s about equalization.

You can likewise make your own tostadas by heating corn tortillas covered with olive oil. In addition to the fact that they taste more real it’s a lot simpler than broiling.

Chicken Tostadas Recipe

Preheat the broiler to 400°F and splash two enormous heating sheets with cooking shower.

Softly splash the two sides of the tortillas with cooking shower and spot them in a solitary layer on the readied heating sheets. Daintily season them with salt.

Prepare for 5 minutes, flip them over and heat for another 5-10 minutes until the tortillas are fresh similar to a chip.


These chicken tostadas require negligible exertion, on account of a rotisserie chicken, which I got from the store, and a half-unfilled container of BBQ sauce. You can go the rotisserie chicken course or utilize extra cooked chicken from a past supper. Here’s your fixing list:

Bar-b-que Sauce

Crunchy tostada shells

Destroyed Monterrey Jack cheddar

Crisp Cilantro

Acrid cream

Step by step instructions to SERVE TOSTADAS

Basically, filling and serving a tostada resembles making a taco however with a level, crunchy tortilla. To begin with, you’ll:

Toast the tostada

Top it-see above for fixing thoughts

Eat-see underneath


Indeed, you’ll have to toast the tostada you get from the supermarket as well! Crisping them up will make them overpowering.

A note for the garnish part, ensure you start with the denser fixings like guacamole, dark beans, and meat FIRST! Something else, nothing will stack upstanding, and you’ll unquestionably have a catastrophe in your lap.


Chicken Tostadas BBQ2

Acknowledge the reality now that there is NO spotless method to eat a tostada. You WILL eat it with your hands, and there’s a decent possibility you will wear a tad bit of it all over, yet it’s so justified, despite all the trouble. Simply get a napkin and continue!

With regards to system, the most ideal approach to eat a tostada is with your hands. A fork and blade don’t have a place in this image, and in the event that you use it is possible that, you will be judged. Consider it like eating a bit of toast yet stacked with garnishes.

Get tostada

Prepare yourself

Take a nibble


In case you’re tostada breaks separated, be cool about it and eat the rest like nachos, it’s no less heavenly.



On the off chance that this formula stirs your internal tostada love, which it should, I have a couple of more thoughts for you to attempt.

Huevos Rancheros – swap the normal corn tortilla with tostada

Chipotle Beet and Egg Tostadas

Chicken Tostadas BBQ3

Conventional Tostadas – Top it with refried beans, taco meat, lettuce, cleaved tomatoes, cheddar, and acrid cream.

Tostadas are corn tortillas that have been heated or singed until firm and bested with things like refried beans, cheddar, chicken, ground hamburger, and numerous different garnishes.

I like to consider it a major round tortilla chip that is topped with my preferred garnishes. Or on the other hand an open-colored crunchy taco. Or on the other hand a fresh Mexican pizza. That is to say, what’s not to adore about that?!


Preheat the stove to 400°F and splash two huge heating sheets with cooking shower.

Delicately splash the two sides of the tortillas with cooking shower and spot them in a solitary layer on the readied preparing sheets. Daintily season them with salt.

Heat for 5 minutes, flip them over and prepare for another 5-10 minutes, until the tortillas are fresh similar to a chip.

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